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Hairy All Over

Felix was so hairy that she could brush her hair in her arm pit… And that’s just the way this hairy teen likes it! Not only is her arm pit hair, but her pussy is hairy too! She’s just not much into shaving her hair and that’s the exact way she likes it!

Category: Close Up, Dark Hair, Hairy Arm Pits, Hairy Pussy
By: Hairy Teen Pussy

Hairy Armpits

Monica likes being all natural. Being a hairy teen is a beautiful thing, and she wasn’t about to hide it. She loved showing off her hairy arm pits ! And of course the rest of this hot teen was hairy too! Her teen pussy is hairy, and she has a beautiful trail of light hair leading all the up to her treasure trail ! When
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Category: Dark Hair, Hairy Arm Pits, Hairy Pussy, Hairy Teen
By: Hairy Teen Pussy

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